Global Warming Realities

With the devastation hurricane Sandy has left in its path we ought to once and for all put the questions about Global Warming to rest.

This storm was more than 1000 miles across at one point. One of the biggest ever tracked.  Scientists have said they believe that this is in part due to the changing weather patterns caused by melting Artic ice and warmer seas.  Remember Hurricane season is supposed to be over November 1! The hurricane combined with a High Pressure storm to turn into a Nor’easter. It brought snow to the West Virginia Mountains, Floods to New York and New Jersey, and trees down everywhere on the east coast.

Global Warming has changed our weather patterns.  The devastation of Sandy is one more piece in a longer list that includes Katrina, Ivan, Rita, and Irene last year!

With Subways still flood and trees down along Amtrak lines, La Guardia airport flooded it will be a while til we dig out of this mess.

We continue to pray for safety of all those affected by this large storm from Maryland to Michigan.

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