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Martini Judaism

I was so pleased to join my colleague Rabbi Jeff Salkin on his podcast “Martini Judaism” the other day with my wonderful co-author Rev. Dr. Neil G. Thomas of the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, TX. As many of you know we recently published our new book, “7 Principles for Living Bravely: Ageless Wisdom and Comforting Faith for Weathering Life’s Most Difficult Times” In this book we offer ancient wisdom for the world today from our unique spiritual traditions and in each in our unique voices. All of us have different seasons to our lives filled with the ups and downs the come with being human. Born of our experiences of serving communities affected during to different pandemics: The HIV/AIDS pandemic of the late 1980’s/1990’s and the current Coronavirus Pandemic, we bring together our prescription for building resilience. You can buy a copy of our book here.

In this podcast whose host, Rabbi Salkin, is a regular columnist with Religion New Service Neil and I have a meaningful conversation with Jeff about the world today and the skills we need to bounce back!