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Speaking on the Journey to Justice

These were my comments at the NAACP Rally at the beginning of the Journey for Justice. This is a 40 day+ march from Selma, Alabama to Washington, D.C.  The Central Conference of American Rabbis is partnering with the NAACP and other African American Civil Rights groups to call attention to the systemic racism in our society.  The Journey for Justice is focusing on restoring the Civil Rights Voting Act, jobs and education, the scourge of mass incarceration, police brutality and equality and liberty for all Americans.

Good morning. I am here on our holiest day of the week the Sabbath  representing the over 2300 Reform Rabbis of the Central Conference of American Rabbis.  As President of the oldest and largest rabbinical organization in N. America, we who have come to pray and walk alongside our brothers and sisters commit not only to talking the talk of justice and righteousness but walking the walk. More than 150 rabbis from all over our country will join in this journey each day. We will be carrying with us a sacred scroll of Torah, the five Books of Moses that inspires our commitment to justice and equality and liberty.

As Rabbis of the CCAR, We pledge this day to stand with and work with and learn from you To renew the historic Jewish – African American relationships and coalition that once worked together with ease. This is a new beginning.

We Rabbis pledge to work with you end the culture of racism in our country. We pledge to work wholeheartedly to end mass incarceration in our country We pledge to work tirelessly with you  to give every child the education she deserves, we pledge to work to root out gun violence in every neighborhood and to fight for economic justice for every person and to secure voting rights for every American citizens.

God of all bless those who March today and for the next 40 days.  May our feet be swift, our dedication to your ideals of Tzedek u mishpat righteousness and justice be strong and lift us on Eagles wings as you once did for the children of Israel so that we can bring about the glorious day when all shall eat at the table of liberty and the true Promise of America.

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