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Bringing Justice and Love

Mazal tov to the all those getting married in New York.  What a glorious day! I hope the pictures from this first day resonate world wide continuing to demystify “Gay” Marriage.  There isn’t gay marriage or straight marriage.  It is just marriage.  It is just creating a family.  And for so many couples in New York it is recognizing and legalizing the family they created so many years ago!

It is a wonderful moment in Jewish life and America’s life that so many Jewish organizations worked in New York for marriage equality.  Here in Israel where I am now while writing this, the rabbis that I am studying with are excited to go home and starting officiating for many of their congregants!  Several of my rabbinic leadership group have discussed with me what they will be doing at their upcoming wedding ceremonies for gay couples in their congregations. And they are truly excited and honored to be a part of it!

This is a wonderful and important transformation. Not just for the couple and their family.  It is a transformation of all those participating in the wedding ceremonies.  It is a positive transformation of our world!  It taps in to love and justice and allows us to bring these divine categories alive in the world.  And the rabbis who are about to officiate at these wedding ceremonies recognize it.

So Thank you New York. Thank you couples for getting married.  Thank you to the rabbis, priests, ministers, justices of the peace who are officiating and bringing the Divine categories of Justice and love into the world and into our lives.

We need it.