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DADT DEAD-Let’s play Taps

Oh my goodness. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the heinous military policy that dehumanized some of our country’s finest soldiers simply because they were gay men or lesbians is DEAD!  The Judge ordered an injunction that would stop the military from enforcing the policy.  This injunction came from Judge Virginia Phillips, the same judge that ruled DADT unconstitutional.  She even ordered in her ruling today that all cases that are in process must cease!.

This case was brought forward by Log Cabin Republicans. Their attorney Dan Woods still warned military members who are gay and lesbian to keep quiet.  It isn’t known if the Administration will appeal.

DADT is unjust, unfair, and UNAMERICAN.

The United States of America is fighting for liberty and justice for all around the world.  How on earth can we discriminate against our own?

Sexual Orientation is not the bar to service.  Our military men and women are professionals and professional behavior is to be demanded.  But that should include gay and lesbian service people. AND THERE IS NO GOOD REASON IT SHOULDN’T.

Brava to Judge Phillips for your courage.  And to our brave military men and women as well!