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Dan Choi my hero. Say a prayer.

Please pray for my friend Lt. Dan Choi. American hero.  Activist for truth and justice.  Dan has dedicated his life to our country and its ideals.  He was dismissed from the Army under the heinous Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy and has campaigned and called attention to this unjust and cruel and homophobic policy that our Congress can’t find a way to repeal.

Although now introduced into the House as a stand alone bill, time to repeal this policy is running out.

But my friend Dan Choi lost his steam in the process and has buckled under the pressure of  the fight.

In an email published on the Website Pam’s House Blend Dan revealed that he checked himself in to a VA hospital to get help for exhaustion and is now in the hands of mental health professionals.  The burdens of leadership are many.  Our heart goes out to Dan.  He is one of the most courageous men I have ever met. Not only for the activism toward getting rid of DADT but his courage to come forth and discuss mental health issues, stress, exhaustion and deep despair.

Please say a prayer for Dan.  Say a prayer for our country. Say a prayer for the politicians that they learn to come from a different place.

AND CALL. EVERY.  CALL EVERY REPRESENTATIVE. CALL EVERY SENATOR.  Democratic and Republican and Independent.    The House and Senate Switchboard is (202) 224-3121

Demand an end to DADT. DO IT.