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FourSquare for Real

Have you figured out Foursquare?  I haven’t really.  The site is there to help you locate yourself. Well at least let others know where you are.  I am not so sure I always want everyone to know exactly where I am although the truth of the matter is I am almost always at the Temple!

You can find Kol Ami on Foursquare and there are some specials if you check in there!  The oneg cookies online are especially yummy. And these really don’t have ANY CALORIES! Finally! That may be Nirvana. (Although I know I am mixing my religious metaphors.)  A Virtual Oneg Shabbat is just that –virtual.  But it might be fun.

The people at Foursquare need however to kind of get with the interfaith religious program. When you search out Kol Ami in West Hollywood-it identifies a house of worship with a CROSS.   NOT! We are still Jewish last I checked.   So if any one associated with Foursquare is reading this let’s get a little more sophisticated when it comes to Houses of Worship with the correct iconography.  A Jewish star would be welcome to help identify our Synagogue.

So check in online at Kol Ami.  Better yet…check in at 1200 N. La Brea for real and come upstairs to my study and say “Hi”