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Get it done-Repeal DADT

So time is running out.  The Senate is delaying the passage of the military authorization bill that contains the provision for repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  There are enough votes to repeal it. Including Republicans like Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts. But the Senate has really arcane rules that empower a single Senator to hold up vital legislation.

In our case of DADT it is Sen John McCain.  Curmudgeonly McCain.  Sore loser to President Obama and flip-flopper of giant proportions.  Even his wife is for gay marriage.  And took a NoH8 picture!  Sen Susan Collins of Maine will vote for it but is being made the one to try and negotiate a deal on behalf of Republicans.  Shame on you Susan. Do the right thing.

Sen. McCain take your homophobia back.   Be the maverick that you claim you are not a Negative NayBob!.  Lead don’t obfuscate.  Sen. McCain has evidently has little else to hold on to but his homophobia. His position isn’t rational.  Because he keeps trying to move the deadline, change the criteria needed for repeal.  McCain is holding our armed forces hostage to his homophobia.

Call.  Call every day. Put his number on Redial. Call his Arizona offices (602) 952-2410 . Call his Washington Offices  (202)224-2235.  Pummel his phone lines.  And those of the Republican Senatorial Leadership that are supporting this negativity tactic and running down the clock on this term.

Tuesday night Sen. Lieberman on AC 360  said to Anderson Cooper that this Congress should stay in session until just before Christmas and even return after Christmas to get this done.  I say yes!

Sen. Reid, it is time to get DADT repealed. Get it done.