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I want to visit Florida again

I used to live there.  For 2 years when I was a kid I lived in Miami and Miami Beach. I haven’t visited Florida very often since then.  Maybe five times.  I admit it, Florida isn’t a place I’ve wanted to visit.  Especially after the 2000 election.  And because of its antiquated laws about adoption for gay and lesbian people.

But on Wednesday, Third District Court of Appeals of Florida issued a  ruling setting aside the adoption ban for gay people makes me want to visit Florida again! And Gov. Crist (in a fierce independent battle for Senator) says he will not enforce the ban . The unanimous ruling said the ban violated the Equal Protection clause of the state Constitution and had no “rational basis”.

The state agency acknowledged it denied the original adoption because of the state ban but would have approved it if but for the state law.  The state agency has 30 days to decide if it will appeal the decision. But the Governor has ordered the ban lifted in accordance with this ruling.  So let’s hope it is not appealed.

It was a 33-year-old ban.

Even in the shadows of the shameful DADT filibuster in the Senate this was another important court case for gay and lesbian civil rights.

So maybe it is time to visit Florida!  Key West anyone? Disney World? South Beach?