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America holds its breath

Does it seem like everything is on hold?

With a week to go until the Mid-Term elections it feels like the country is holding its collective breath.  No one can exhale.  The angry ads fill the airwaves. The bluster of the pundits goes on infinitum. Wall Street chugs along but no jobs are appearing.

The Congress isn’t in session so it can campaign.  The White House seems like it is hunkering down to lick its wounds proactively.

The Republicans and Tea Party backers are drooling at their prospects.

And America is no closer to healing itself.

My fear no matter who wins the House and Senate is that nothing will change. We will still not move any agenda forward.

America has very difficult problems.  An economy that is still in rough shape. Difficult trade relations with China.  Nuclear proliferation in Iran.  A wrecked peace process with the Israelis and Palestinians. Not to mention the war in Afghanistan, a shaky Iraq,  Terrorists still clamoring, a gulf region double hit by the oil spill and still rough around the Katrina-edges.

Where are the statesmen and women who will rise about their party to help really solve the problems and address our issues head on?

I hope they are out there. And I hope some of them, regardless of their party, will be elected on November 2.

But I won’t hold my breath.