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But can they be statesmen and women?

With Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives let’s hope something more can be done to solve our nations problems.  I pray that instead of the party of  NO, that continuously hammers our President that as part of government they will compromise to get things done. Can Bohner find solutions? Can the Republicans active the GO in GOP?

Or are we just going to see a 2012 presidential election dragged out.  You see it started the day after the mid-terms in earnest. Undeclared candidates were already planning and visiting early states like Ohio and New Hampshire. But the day after the elections-even Sarah Palin sent out a campaign like video.   God save us!

The President got a trouncing in most places.   The message is jobs jobs jobs. I hope he heard it.  But the problem with just one note or motif is that we have a complex country and world.   And although the person in Peoria is angry and can’t pay her mortgage, Iran still will demand our attention when it is working on nuclear weapons and is about to make weapons grade nuclear fuel.  And President Obama should pay attention to that. He can’t ignore such a threat. Nor can he ignore our relationships with other countries or the myriad of problems we are facing.

And Republicans can’t just loose the corporations to do whatever they wish. They already bought the election in many places by their unfettered donations. Unregulated corporate greed got us into this economic disaster of the last three years in the first place.  Let us not forget.

So the Tea Partyers who got elected remember this:  Governing and legislating are vastly different from being an attack candidate.  I pray they understand the difference.  I fear they do not.