Is Hamas causing a distraction for Iran?

I have watched with horror the escalating war in the Middle East.  I have heard so much from family and friends running to bomb shelters each time the sirens sound.  While Hamas missiles and rockets reaching Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is new, Israelis throughout southern Israel have been targeted for years with increasing fire power.  The city…Read more »

Rockets Red Glare

Once again the Rockets are blasting Israel. More than 190 rockets have rained down upon Israel. For the second day in a row schools are closed and people have been hunkered down in bomb shelters from Beer Sheva to Ashdod and Ashkelon even to Risho L’Tzion which is a suburb of Tel Aviv.  27 missiles have been…Read more »

Iran as Nuclear Power

Iran continues to come closer and closer to the threshold that will make it a nuclear nation. It has successfully used its diplomacy of pretending to negotiate with the West while secretly moving its program forward. They might give in for a while but then go back to their old games-content with a two steps…Read more »