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Iran as Nuclear Power

Iran continues to come closer and closer to the threshold that will make it a nuclear nation. It has successfully used its diplomacy of pretending to negotiate with the West while secretly moving its program forward. They might give in for a while but then go back to their old games-content with a two steps forward- one step back strategy that slowly continues to build their nuclear arms program and uranium enrichment plans. They appear to the west to back down but they still move forward albeit at a slower pace. When they do reach enrichment capacity its will be a moment of no return for the world and for Israel especially.  I believe Iran will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons and Israel’s military intelligence believes this as well. I learned this from my trip to Israel last October while meeting with Israeli strategists both military and academic.

The Reform movement of Judaism through our Religious Action Center released an important press statement this week on Iran Sanctions.  Iran Sanctions are a vital weapon in combating Iran’s developing nuclear program.  Here is the wording of the press release:

Reform Movement Welcomes Legislation Strengthening Iran Sanctions

 In response to the announcement by Representatives Steve Israel and Nita Lowey that the FY10 Supplemental Appropriations Act will include strong language prohibiting funds for companies that are in violation of the Iran Sanctions Act, Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, issued the following statement:

The Reform Jewish Movement applauds the efforts of Congressman Steve Israel, Chairwoman Nita Lowey and others to include language in the FY10 Supplemental Appropriations Act provisions that will prohibit federal contractors that are in violation of the Iran Sanctions Act to receive federal tax dollars. It will close a loophole by clarifying that subcontractors are covered by this ban as well. This bipartisan effort, including Rep. Steve Rothman, Rep. Mark Kirk and Rep. Ben Chandler, is an important step to ensure that U.S. dollars do not benefit the Iranian regime.

In the hands of Iran’s extremist regime, nuclear weapons pose grave danger to the world and particularly to those against whom Iran has expressed antagonism, including Israel. Together with new multi-lateral and United States economic diplomacy measures, enforcing effective sanctions is a compelling way to make clear to the Iranian government that its pursuit of nuclear weapons capability remains unacceptable. These strengthened sanctions provisions will send a strong message to companies that they may either do business with the United States or with the repressive Iranian regime.

We look forward to swift enactment of this provision and the underlying bill.

I do too.