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Is Hamas causing a distraction for Iran?

I have watched with horror the escalating war in the Middle East.  I have heard so much from family and friends running to bomb shelters each time the sirens sound.  While Hamas missiles and rockets reaching Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is new, Israelis throughout southern Israel have been targeted for years with increasing fire power.  The city of S’derot has lived daily with a barrage of rockets aimed at them.  Beersheva and Ashkelon have had their share of sirens and alarms as the rockets from Gaza have injured some and destroyed buildings.  Israel has shown restraint. And hasn’t answered back for a long time. But do not think for a minute that this is somehow a new clash.  It has been ongoing.

Don’t forget Israel left the Gaza strip. And Hamas was elected in 2006. Israel continues to be targeted with rockets and now Hamas has smuggled in Fajr-5 rockets made in Iran.  These can go as far as 75 km.  Thus reaching most of the Israeli population-approximately 4 million people are in their aim.

And don’t think that Iran is so innocent here. While the world focuses on this latest skirmish between Hamas and Israel, Iran is doubling its efforts to produce nuclear fuel.  The United Nations has a small bandwidth of attention.

I know many innocent Palestinians have been caught in the crossfire.  I weep for their losses as well.

But their leaders do little to build their country. If they can bring in missiles and rockets, then they could bring in infrastructure to help the people.

May the ceasefire come quickly and hold for a long time.

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