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World AIDS Day 2010

Don’t forget World AIDS Day is Wednesday Dec. 1.  It seems the world often does forget. It does forget those with HIV/AIDS.  Whether in Africa, or here in the U.S. HIV is still ever-present.  Lurking. Waiting to attack.

On Wednesday Dec. 1 we will have a chance to focus the world’s thinking on AIDS. Remind the world and government leaders that not enough is being done to combat this disease which affects so many people world wide.  World AIDS Day will remind us that after all these years there still is no cure, no vaccination and that people are getting infected.  In worsening economies so many prevention education programs have been decimated.  That is why we must be sure to talk with young people who don’t see it as the killer disease any more.

But I remember.  I know.  I see the lives it has wrecked havoc on.  The debilitating  complications that come from infection with HIV.  The exhaustion.

So on this coming Wednesday pause to remember those who have died.  Write a letter to your Congress person and to President Obama not to forget the fight against AIDS and HIV both here in the U.S. and globally.

And join with Kol Ami and MCC for an interfaith World AIDS Day Service of Hope and Remembrance at 7 pm at MCC/LA in Los Feliz.   The address is 4953 Franklin Av  Los Angeles 90027.  I hope you will join us.  (Yes it is the first night of Chanukah and we will observe that as part of the service–shining light into the darkness about HIV/AIDS and rededicating ourselves to end AIDS.)  BE THERE.