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The Abundance of Life-give thanks

Shabbat Sukkot is a double dose of joy! Sukkot is known as “zman simchateinu” -season of our rejoicing.  On this holiday we celebrate the abundance in our lives.  Even as the occupy Wall Street folks protest the corporate greed of the 1% we Americans enjoy a standard of living so far above many parts of the world that in their eyes even the poor in America are better off than many in developing nations. This is not to compare tragedies at all. But Sukkot is a time following the inner soul searching of Rosh Hashnah and Yom Kippur to realize that our lives our indeed rich.  Not rich in the sense of materialism. After all we are commanded to dwell in simple huts without the creature comforts we are used to. We are to eat and even sleep in the Sukkah.  This holiday is to remind us of the abundance that flows through us called life itself! And truthfully for us urban dwellers, the chance to be in a Sukkah, outside is a way to re-adjust our rhythm and tune it to the cycle of nature.  What is the harvest we reap?  After Yom Kippur the Harvest we reap are those in are family and friendship circles that we spend time with; that we give thanks for; that we welcome to our Sukkah along with our ancestors, Abraham and Sarah, King David and Queen Esther.

Yes, this is a season of joy. It is a season of rejoicing. Tell those you love-that you love them.  And give thanks for the abundant flow of life that still is in you.