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4 years too long #Gilad

Today marks the 4 year anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping by Hamas.  They say he is alive.  But no one can visit him.  Not even the Red Cross.  This is a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions.  But when you deal with terrorists this is what you get. Terror. Reports through Egyptian diplomats say he has been held in solitary confinement all of this time.  How can he be doing? 

The world cries about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.  But the real truth is that Hamas thugs are the ones killing the Palestinian aspirations for Peoplehood.  They are terrorists.  They have no real interest in negotiations.  They continue to be committed to the destruction of Israel and Israelis and Jews. They teach this to their children. They print it in their texts books.  They have no love of the West.  And yet Europeans and sadly, increasingly Americans cry for them. 

The people of Gaza need help.  They need help to rid themselves of the terrorists thugs who hold sway over their lives and do nothing to help create peace and economic justice for the people of Gaza.  Instead Hamas pockets billions of dollars in aid from the European Union and Japan to build rockets rather than roads, hospitals and infrastructure. They do not know how to govern and I believe they are not interested in it.  They are interested in murder and killing.

And by holding Gilad Shalit hostage they continue to show their true colors.  Just as every rocket they shoot off does and every child they hide behind does.  And every school that they hide their weapons in does. And every hospital that they hide their rockets in does.  Terrorists.

Here is a video of Gilad Shalit holding a newspaper .[youtube=]