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A Fourth From Afar

Happy Fourth of July! It is interesting to think about America’s independence Day when you are outside of the country.  Although CNN and Fox News make reference most of the rest of the world does whatever Mondays usually bring.  Here in Israel it is another work day. The American ex-pats and tourists wish one another a happy 4th and nostalgically wish they could see fireworks. But truthfully here in Israel you don’t want to hear a lot of the exploding sounds that fireworks make! One thinks they might be something else.

I do hope that even as you grill your hot dogs and hamburgers or tofu dogs that you will take a moment to appreciate the history and strength of the United States. Even with all of our problems, even with the  sputtering economic recovery, even with the political incivility, even with the growing gap between rich and poor we are still a blessed nation. We are rich compared to so much of the developing world.  So lift a l’chaim to our country today and remember the values that shape our democracy.  And do participate in our system.  That is what will make it stronger.

So I won’t see fireworks today.  I  will settle for looking at video of various celebrations across the U.S. on television.  But I will give thanks for the gift of living in the US even as I travel abroad on this Independence Day. And I wish all of you a Happy Independence Day.