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A Honey Sweet New Year!

The time for apples and honey is soon here with the arrival of Rosh Hashanah.  There is nothing better than dipping that crunchy sweet-tart apple in honey!

Just in time for Rosh Hashanh I came across some HoneyFacts to help you appreciate the liquid gold that is symbol for our New Year!

-Honeybees must tap 2 million flowers to make one pound of honey.

– a bee will visit an average of 50 to 100 flowers during one collection trip.

-a hive of bees flies more than 55, 000 miles to produce one pound of honey.

-an average worker bee produces one-twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.

– bees have been producing honey for 10 million to 20 million years (what a few million years between friends?)

– and finally, we might be familiar with more common forms of this liquid gold made from the nectars of orange blossoms or clovers, but there are over 300 different varieties of honey available in the United States!

(This is from an article in “Bits and Pieces” (August 2012, p. 4)