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A Passover Kugel recipe

Tonight Jews around the world sit down to their Seder meal to ritually tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt. With special foods filled with symbolism we will taste the bitterness of slavery and the sweetness of freedom with four cups of wine. 

So for those of you who need a last-minute great recipe to bring to either tonight’s seder meal or if you celebrate two nights of  a Passover seder try this yummy kugel: Shitake Mushroom-Bell Pepper Matzo Kugel.   It comes from the Cookbook “Let My People Eat!” by Zell Schulman. It was Published by Macmillan in 1998.  I have made a little variation in it!  It serves 8  although I made a double batch. Well really a triple. We are having 35 at the house. The largest Seder ever.  No one will be able to move even before we eat!  Enjoy!

1 tablespoon Vegetable oil (although I used parve margerine)

1 small onion, diced

1 leek sliced (white part only)

1 cup shitake mushrooms chopped, stems removed (that is for the yekis among you)

1 either medium red or yellow bell pepper seeded and diced

1 cup chopped celery  (my variation)

2 cups crushed matzah or farfel

1 1/2 cups low-fat chicken broth, warmed

2 whole  large eggs and 2 large egg whites beaten

Freshly ground black  pepper to taste

1/8 teaspoon salt

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Farenheit Lightly grease a shallow 6 cup casserole.

2. In a medium skillet, heat the oil over a medium high heat. Add the onion and leek and celery and cook until limp, about 10 minutes. Add the mushrooms and bell pepper and cook 5 minutes more.

3. Place the matzah or farfel in a bowl and cover with the chicken broth.  Allow to stand about 5 minutes. Empty into a strainer and squeeze out as much liquid as possible.

4. In a large bowl, lightly beat the whole eggs and egg whites together. Add the cooked vegetables, matzah or farfel, pepper and salt. Mix well. Transfer the kugel to the prepared casserole and bake for 35 or 40 minutes or until the top is brown and crisp and the kugel is set. Serve immediately.

I wish all of you a joyous and happy and sweet and kosher Passover.  I hope the taste of freedom and redemption will inspire you to truly live free from that which chains you.  This Passover –release yourself and let your inner light shine.

Happy Passover.