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A prayer of Thanksgiving for the Ruling on #prop8

Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Ruling on Proposition 8

Rabbi Denise L. Eger

Mayan HaChayim, Fountain of Life we thank you for your overflowing blessing of justice.  We celebrate Your life giving waters that helped Judge Walker strike down Proposition 8 this past week. Thank you for the courage of the plaintiffs, attorneys and all who argued for equality for gay men and lesbians.  You helped them live out the words of our Torah: Justice, Justice shall you pursue.

Prepare our gay and lesbian couples and their families for the walk to the wedding canopy (to the chupah) with dignity, lovingkindness, patience and hope.  Hope that You will bless their marriage and be with them morning, noon and night.  Teach us more and more to open the doors of welcome and to work for the day when no one questions the sanctity or love of marriages for gay men and lesbians.  As the prophet of old taught: “Let justice roll down like waters, righteousness as a might stream.” We ask for patience in the eyes of ignorance. We ask for love in the eyes of bigotry.  We ask for rejoicing in the days and weeks ahead.  Praised are You Eternal Holy One, who sanctifies Israel beneath the wedding canopy.

Baruch Atah Adonai m’kadeish amo Yisrael al yadei chupah v’kiddushin.

ברוך אתה יי מקדש עמו ישראל על ידי חופה וקדושין          .