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A prideful Sunday

What a great Sunday!!! Thanks to Christopher Street West/LA Pride for a terrific parade and festival weekend.  The floats, the great cars of yesteryear, the festival itself  was a sight to behold!  And who ordered such perfect Los Angeles weather on Sunday! 71 degrees sunshine and a breeze!  Picture perfect.

I know there were challenges to be had this year. The economy for one.  The small park for two. (The City of WeHO is building its new library and the park is half the size it usually is because of the construction.)  But Bravo to the whole gang at CSW who did a great job managing the challenge.  I was honored to be part of the 4oth community committee and honored to take part in Pride festivities leading up to this weekend. 

I want to shout out to the CSW Person of the Year–Jane Velez-Mitchell, CNN reporter, formerly of KCAL local Los Angeles television.  She spoke eloquently and beautifully at the Press conference preceeding the parade.  Her message of honesty about her addiction recovery and her coming out as a lesbian framed the poignancy of this 40th anniversary of gay pride in Los Angeles.  Gay Pride is always relevant as there are always people who are coming out at every age.  Some young and some older. But the fact that she only recently acknowledged her sexual orientation publically speaks volumes that gay pride’s message still needs to be heard! She acknowledged those who inspired and encouraged her to be open and honest including Ellen and Al Rantel (local radio host).  

She was followed by the George Moscone award winner former Dream Girl and very talented actress Sheryl Lee Ralph.  Who came to the mike singing and powerful and made the absolutely important point that justice and freedom are won not alone but with allies of all kinds.  She was awarded the Moscone award which is given to a straight ally for their work on behalf of the GLBT community.  These two very powerful and important women brought their professional voices to Gay Pride yesterday. 

Thanks for being there and for your courage.