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Are you wearing purple?


Today is wear purple day.   It was chosen as a day to show solidarity and memorial for those glbt youth who committed suicide because they were bullied.  Thank you to Anderson Cooper of CNN who has brought great national attention to this crisis.  Thank you to Ellen  who has focused additional national attention on this horror.

The color purple or lavender has long been associated with the gay community.  It was associated with effeminate men and even is a reference in a Cole Porter song.

Some explain the purple stripe on the LGBT Pride Flag associated with the ideal of spirit.

But one thing is clear we all gay and straight alike must do more to protect all of our teens and young people from bullying and create safe places for GLBT youth to talk about their feelings.

In a society that represses sexuality even as it seems like it is so open about sexuality we do our young people a grave disservice if we can’t help them talk openly about their fears, doubts, questions and hopes.

Wear some purple today.  Remember Tyler, Asher, Raymond, Billy, Seth, and Justin.