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As if Immigration issues in AZ weren’t enough

What is with Arizona these days?  I have to admit I like going every year to spring training with my son. It is one of our family rituals. But the news from there is frightening. First Jan Brewer the governor signed into law a terrible immigration “reform” bill.  As I have written about previously it empowers police to stop anyone they suspect is here illegally.  In recent days there has been so much national outrage about this new law that there have already been amendments to it before it takes effect.  It gave police such broad authority to stop anyone they might think is an undocumented alien that it is frightening to think what will happen to Latino/a citizens on the streets of Mesa or Tempe or Tuscon or Surprise!

But now a new bill from the Arizona legislature.  One that has been sent to the governor to ban ethnic studies!  Any studies that advocate separatism and so-called racial preferences would be banned! I guess that means no Jewish studies on campus anymore.  I was a Jewish studies major at the University of Southern California. In my studies I learned that intermarriage was not an accepted practice in most of Judaism.  So I guess that means Jewish studies will be banned along with Native American, Hispanic, Asian, and so many more.  

What are the people and legislators of Arizona afraid of?  Clearly everyone. And in particular Hispanics.  This law came as the result of some curriculum insertions of Mexican-American history and culture in Tuscon. 

This new law if signed will cut funding at the K-12 level. HB 2281 was proposed by Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne who is a Republican running for Attorney General.  The Governor has yet to sign the bill.  I urge her not to. 

I would hate to miss Spring training.