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Celebration Day

Today is a celebration day.  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is officially over as a policy of the US Military.  In place since 1993, this discriminatory policy has caused untold havoc on soldiers and their families.  It has placed a horrible burden on our gay and lesbian soldiers.  The burden of silence and lies.  It has been an instrument of terror and dehumanization causing fear and fueling hatred that somehow gay people are less than non-gay people.

Good riddance to this antiquated bigoted policy.  The army of today is professional.  There are all kinds of people in the military. Let good people do their jobs.  When we are still fighting on so many fronts, Iraq, Afghanistan and even six months of NATO operations in Libya, this is not a time to reduce our ranks.  Instead we need all the able bodied and willing who can serve.

It is a noble thing to serve our country.  It is noble to protect and defend our Constitution and our freedoms around the world.

One shouldn’t have had to lie to serve.

And now with the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, our soldiers can speak the truth of who they are and get the much needed support of their families.  No more hiding.

Indeed a celebration Day