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College is another world.

Just returned from a college inspection.  Looking at a college for the future MLB player! It was a great road trip. And we had a blast.  Walking the campus with a student tour guide was a hoot. It brought back many memories of my own college experience. But boy has college life changed.  The library is a far cry from the moldy stacks of old.  This state of the art library not only had a million computer stations but a separate computer to tell you which computer was open on which floor! It wasn’t a traditional library with librarians shushing you everywhere.  This had noisy areas where you were encouraged to talk and study in groups. Lots of conference areas for group projects and an area with restaurant type circular booths to encourage studying together!  You could even text the librarian for help.  They did have super quiet rooms that were soundproof for those who wished that kind of environment.  The stack are automated with a giant robotic arm that helps retrieve books.  And of course plugs everywhere to power laptops, ipads and portable printers!

Most impressive.

But what was best for me was that the future MLB player could see himself there. He could see himself in the shared small dorm room.  He could see himself walking the campus (Correction: Skateboarding the campus) And was excited about the prospect of being away!

What was best for me was being able to see him there too.  But not too soon. We’ll leave that til next year!