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Constance Leighann McMillen

Constance Leighann McMillen is one courageous high school senior.  This young woman wanted to take her girlfriend to her prom. This is the night that caps a young person’s high school life.  And in the south it is really seen as the pinnacle of high school.

 But the prom was cancelled because of the homophobia of the Itawamba High School Administration.  The students blamed her rather than put the blame where it belongs; ill-informed and backwards educators who punished a whole senior class for their own homophobia and bigotry.

This young woman growing up in the deep south, in Mississippi has ‘chutzpah’ raw nerve and courage to speak the truth.  Smartly she went to the ACLU to share her case with the world.  Yes, even in Mississippi there are some wonderful folks who understand a young lesbian’s plight. 

In our day and time she shouldn’t have to pretend any longer by bringing a “cover” boy friend to the prom. Let her dance the night away with her girl friend.  My goodness everyone dances together at a prom anyways.  What harm could it have caused.  None. 

You have to wonder what they are afraid of?  Suddenly the whole senior class breaking out “gay”?  When will the ignorance be eradicated?

Only by shining a light on it. And that is what this courageous young woman has done.

I learned about this story sitting in the San Francisco airport.  I happen to be on the same flight to Los Angeles with HRC president Joe Solmonese.  We applauded her courage together.  Most impressive.  And we commented that the world was actually safer because there are young people like her! 

BRAVA Constance. We are your fans!