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DADT Done but we’re still dreamin’

Yesterday was a day of historic proportions.  With the fall and repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy brought a measure of hope and justice to America.  17 years ago, President Clinton tried to open up the military to equality. Instead with the leadership of Democrat Sam Nunn we got this horribly homophobic policy that discharged hundreds, no thousands, of decent gay and lesbian soldiers for no crime or real violation of the Military’s Universal Code of Justice. They were dismissed and witch-hunted because they were gay. DADT created an environment of fear and lies.  Snitching on a fellow unit member became the modus operandi.

Essential personnel were dismissed in a time of war.

And now finally we are on a solid path after yesterday’s vote to ending this policy.  Come on Mr. President. God speed! Full speed ahead.  Don’t be deterred in ending this quickly.

You got the legislative repeal you sought.  This coupled with the judicial and the cooperation of the Joint Chiefs should make this change in policy and direction go smoothly.

But sadly yesterday as one group of citizens step up to their equality and their duty another group was denied a path way toward citizenship.

The Dream act went down 5 votes shy in the Senate. This act would have allowed young people whose families immigrated without documentation when they were children a path toward becoming US citizens.  When they were children they had no choice but to come with their parents.  So many are accomplished people with few resources to work or got to university.  They could not join the military.

So having a pathway toward to citizenship will help create jobs and opportunities for a segment of America. And our congress ought to be involved in helping create and incentivize education and jobs for the members of American society.

Yesterday was a day of joy and a day of concern for immigrants.

Time to bring the Dream act back ASAP!