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Dangerous lives

We are living in dangerous times.  I don’t really think the threat of terrorists is as great a threat as those coming from Conservatives these days.  The coordinated attack on women in this country is the greatest threat of all.   There is an attack on reproductive health care. There is an attack on women’s dignity.  When Congress calls upon a panel of white men to be the experts about women it is laughable if it wasn’t so very dangerous.  The cuts in funding will negatively impact women in this country and ultimately put women and children more at risk. Without proper access to health care for women’s reproductive systems and without proper access to birth control (Most of which is used to regulate menstruation and pain rather than to prevent pregnancy) women in this country will not only be at a health care disadvantage but will run the risk of greater poverty since more of their financial resources will have to pay for their own birth control rather than have it covered by insurance. This is a part of the Conservative agenda. 

Once the Conservatives in Congress finish with women and destroying Roe V Wade which also found the right to privacy in our constitution–they won’t stop there.  All kinds of minorities and their equality will be shattered.  

Once the Republican party stood to keep government small and out of our lives.  Now taken over by the religious right wing Conservatives, the Republican party can’t wait to get its hands to strangle women and their privacy and access to healthy living.

Shame on them.  Time for both men and women to speak up.