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Earth day is Every Day

Today is Earth Day.  You will hear a lot of emphasis on caring for our planet, recycling, energy reduction including reducing your own carbon footprint.  There are simple things you can and should do including changing all your light bulbs to CFL ones rather than incandescent ones.

You can take your phone charger out of the wall, your toaster, blender and any of the appliances that you are not using regularly.  Each drains power.  Even when just plugged in.  And do you really need the clock on your coffee maker?

Every day is earth day.  Or at least it should be.  We need to get it together because the environmental chaos is climbing. When I look at the films of the nuclear meltdown in Japan and I think about the lasting impact of that ecological disaster I know more than ever we better get our act together.

Earth day is a good day to refocus your thoughts and take an inventory of how you might lessen your own destruction of the planet.  How  much are you recycling?  Can you drive even a few miles less? Carpool?  Walk?

Tonight we celebrate Shabbat.  In our Kiddish prayer we will remember than God made heaven and earth and rested on the seventh day.   In that creation story we are given the responsibility to care for the Garden.   Let’s use today as an opportunity to remind ourselves of our responsibility.

Happy Earth Day but make it Earth Day Every Day

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