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Getting to the heart of the matter

This is the first week without a Jewish holiday other than Shabbat!  The whirlwind of Tishrei holy days is now behind us for this year.  I hope that the good feelings and thoughtful reflections that you had during the Holy Day Season will remain with you and most importantly inspire you to a new way of being this year.  From Rosh Hashanah until Simchat Torah our cycle of holidays takes us on a journey from the deepest soul work of reflection, forgiveness, repentance and atonement to the soul work of celebrating and rejoicing with family and friends the abundance that really is ours.  We can only really celebrate the heights Sukkot when we have explored the depths of our own transgressions.  And now we must try and return to the pace of our regular lives.

But we aren’t just to return to the regular pace–we are changed! And that my friends is what the hope is for this time of year. That you can readjust back to your daily regime but that you can do it differently, keeping the promises you made in Temple to God and yourself.  Appreciating the family and friends you welcomed into the Sukkah.  Taking the resolutions you made for the New Year of 5772 and making them stick!

So on with the task at hand.   I hope to see you soon.