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Happy Birthday Gilad

I want to say Happy Birthday Gilad.  Today is Gilad Shalit’s  fourth birthday in captivity.  An Israeli soldier held by Hamas somewhere in the Gaza strip I want to wish him Happy Birthday. But this is anything but happy.  Gilad has become a terrible pawn in an awful situation.   He was just standing guard duty and was snatched across the border.  He wasn’t even on patrol in Gaza.  Just kidnapped.  Two of his soldier compatriots were murdered by Hamas.

He has not been allowed a visit from the Red Cross organization or anyone from his family. This is in violation of the Geneva Conventions.  It tells you that although Hamas was the elected government of Gaza–they don’t govern. They are terrorists. Plain and simple. They are not a legitimate group.  They don’t do diplomacy like the other nations of the world. If they want to be a nation and to govern then they need to act in such an appropriate manner.  But they cannot because they aren’t interested in fairness, peace or the plight of Gaza.  They are interested in fomenting terror.

Visit this website to send birthday greetings and New Year greetings to Gilad and his family.  They will try to deliver them to him again.

Keep Gilad and his family in your prayers this New Year.  And PRAY FOR PEACE.