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Holiday Spirit

Well I guess I am finally in the holiday spirit! Between the cold, damp and gloomy weather that reminds me of winters in New York (without the snow) and the fantastic pre-Chanukah celebration last Friday night at temple I am now officially in the holiday mode. We had a wonderful evening of songs and light, an amazing light dancer on stilts (who I still can’t believe tapped dance on those things, and stood on his head and then did the splits on the bima!) The Chanukah committee outdid themselves with a great food truck, latkes and sufiganiot.  I am looking forward tomorrow night for the first candle in the chanukiah!  My Chanukah shopping is almost done.

And I have to give kudos to the Gay Men’s Chorus in Los Angeles! I went to their wonderful holiday concert on Sunday afternoon.  It was terrific (as usual). It is always wonderful to see so many of my friends sing their hearts out! And they did a wonderful Chanukah medley this year.  They sang Sivion and Al Hanisim, Mi Yimalel and Maoz Tzur.  All in Hebrew! And they did really well with their pronunciation!   They also did the fun Chanukah song, Chanukah in Santa Monica!  Lots of Chanukah celebrating this year.

The guest star was Melissa Manchester who did four songs! It was a delightful afternoon of holiday songs and a crowd that liked to sing along.

So thank you all for getting me in the Holiday Spirit.