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Hours of Fun

I know we have already had a full week of 2010 and then some. But I am still thinking about the New Year.  I am still thinking about goals and ideas for 2010.  I haven’t quite fixed them all.  I don’t mean resolutions–like lose more weight or work out more.  I mean strategic goals for me for this year. 

Last year one of my goals was to have more fun and travel more. Perhaps that doesn’t seem so strategic.  But when you work as many hours a week as I do–having more fun is indeed a strategic goal!!!  There are 168 hours in a week. If you work on average 6 days a week -15 hours a day (which is typical for me) that in itself is 90 of those hours without play. Then you if you also add in sleeping-say 6 hours a night (which is generous for me). That is another forty-two.  So of the 168  hours work and sleeping were 132 hours of the 168 a week. If you add eating, praying, studying in to the mix (let alone laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning) then there is little time left over for fun!

So for me having more fun was still an important goal. I didn’t always meet it. I think I am still learning how to do so.  So perhaps for 2010-I need to practice having fun more!   I think one of the biggest things for me in the fun department is even figuring out what to do for fun. So I am taking suggestions.  What are the ways you have fun?

But I am still mulling my strategic goals for the New Year.  And I guess as I think about them I will have to weave in a little fun as well.