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Imagination Helps

When we want to achieve our goals and our future we have to use our imagination! We have to dream big dreams.  These help to inspire us.  Our dreams and imagination shouldn’t be limited by the practicalities of day-to-day life but if we are to soar–why not dream big and then think about the steps necessary to get their. 

Small thinking narrows the possibilities.  Small thinking can give into our fears.  Small thinking might get you from point a to point b but it won’t lift you beyond the horizon. 

Here is a wonderful story from the book Made to Stick published by Random House  and written by Chip Heath and Dan Heath:

Years ago, Researchers surveyed Homeowners in an Arizona neighborhood that didn’t yet have cable television service. One group was told about the benefits of the new service: the other was asked to visualize how it could benefit their lives.

A month later, the service became available. The researchers followed up on their study and discovered a 20 percent subscriber rate among the homeowners who were told the benefits of the service. But those who visualized the benefits subscribed at a much higher rate- 47 percent.

Other factors, like money played a role in who subscribed. But it’s hardly surprising that those people who imagined what the service would mean to them personally were more likely to get it.

So when you’re mapping out your goals, don’t just think you’ll be successful. Imagine actually achieving that success- how it will feel, how others will treat you, what you’ll be able to do or say that you couldn’t before –and then live your dreams. ”

So on this Shabbat take some time to imagine your future. Take some time to map out your dreams. Take some time pray about the outcomes you seek. And take some time to ask God for guidance.

Shabbat Shalom.