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It’s that time of year! June Brides and June Grooms abound.  Wedding Season has arrived in full force. Perhaps you are attending a wedding, are part of a wedding party or maybe you are the one getting married! Weddings can bring out the best and the worst in us.  So it is important to understand how to ensure the wedding day is an inspirational day for both the couple–so they will remain a happy couple and for the surrounding family and guests who attend.

Over the next few weeks I’ll explore way to help make your wedding (or one you are a part of or attending) an Inspired Wedding filled with meaning, love and beauty.

The first key to any wedding planning-is take a deep breath. Breathing matters! If you are part of a wedding or the bride or groom there are so many details to attend to.  So to get through them all without sweating those details–breathing and laughter will help ensure that when things go wrong (and something always does) that you can let it roll and focus on matters at hand.

I have helped hundreds of couples –gay and straight alike-plan their wedding ceremonies, lay the groundwork for the marriages, and yes, even run interference with parents who sometimes have their own agendas for your wedding day.  And one of the great keys to it all is to plan in advance.  Be thoughtful and speak your truth.  If you have always dreamed of a destination wedding-then say so.  If you want a casual wedding then say so.  If you hate buffets then say so.  We all grow up with certain ideas about what a wedding is and what a wedding isn’t.

The first step is to ensure that your wedding day reflects who you-the couple really are.  That being said there are some things that temper reality.   Budget, family, timing, children, venues, religion, food, all come into play when shaping what your day will look like.  So you and your spouse to be have to communicate with each other and with your officiant to ensure that your day can be exactly the transformational moment of your new family together.

Planning a wedding is more than just planning a good party.  It is the creation of a new family filled with hopes and dreams.  In my next column we will get to some of the other important parts of planning an Inspired Wedding.