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It is almost time-Are you ready?

It is almost time-are You ready? Ready to be at Sinai once again? Shavuot begins Tuesday night. This is the time we Jews celebrate, matan torahteinu, the giving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai. And we wholeheartedly imagine that every Jew was at that great moment of Revelation! Past, present and future. That moment when a rag-tag group of ex-slaves and servants were transformed into a Nation and into a kingdom of priests and a holy people.

That doesn’t just happen. It takes preparation.

So take today and through Tuesday to imagine for yourself what it means to receive the gift of Torah even as we struggle with it. Take a moment to think about the spiritual disciplines of Jewish tradition that help transform your life. Perhaps you have no place to begin. So begin here by simply knowing that you are a part of something so special and much larger than just you. You belong to a wave of humanity throughout the centuries that have tried to live holy lives. And even when we haven’t met the mark–we have strived to seek out the just, the good, the holy.

At the moment of Sinai-God speaks to all of us. Each in his or her own way so that we might hear it. What do you hear today? What is God saying to you? What do you want to say to God? It is really easy–just begin by breathing!

And imagine that you too are at the mountain and ready and yes, worthy to receive! Happy Preparation!