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Jonah changed its Name- Why?

WOW! Look what happens when abuse charges fly.  JONAH -Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality–the group in the Jewish community trying to foist “Change Therapy” on unsuspecting Jewish gay people is trying to hide.  They have as of today changed their name.  Check out their website.  They now want to be Jews Offering New Alternatives to Healing.   From Homosexuality to Healing.  What are the Alternatives to Healing?  Are they Hurting people?  YOU BET THEY ARE.   Their pseudo-science of preying upon desperate Jews who are ashamed of being gay and whose families don’t understand their being gay is damaging lives.

You don’t just change your orientation.  This has been proven time and again.   But what do you want when one of the main exponents of this in the Jewish community is a convicted felon, Arthur Goldberg.  He was convicted of financial fraud.  And now tries to defraud the Jewish community into thinking that somehow Gay people need to be fixed and secondly he and JONAH have a methodology to do so.  Why are they so preoccupied with Gayness?

Get over it.  It is as natural as creation.  God made us all. In the Divine image.

In the Traditional Jewish community  being gay or lesbian is especially difficult because of the Torah passages  (see Leviticus 18 and 22 ) and halakhic writings against certain homosexual behaviors.  This is then extended to shaming  gay people in the community.  This organization-JONAH preys upon those filled with shame.

Allegations of abuse against Alan Downing a life coach that works closely with Jonah recently surfaced. See Wayne Besen at Truth Wins Out for more about the alleged abuse using the tactics espoused by JONAH.

But now this group, JONAH thinks it can evade responsibility for their harm by changing their name?

The truth needs to come out in the Jewish community about the harm that can be created by so-called reparative therapy espoused by JONAH.  No matter what they call themselves.