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Just a Baseball Mom

I have to admit it I love watching my kid play ball! From the time he was a little tyke to now his second year on the Varsity Normans of Beverly Hills, it is fun to watch him pitch, catch, hit and play third base. And he is very good at it.  I also admit I get a bit anxious–mostly when I watch him pitching.  I can see how hard he is trying. I can see how much his concentration is. I can see the pressure the position has inherently and then you include the pressure he puts on himself.  It is a double whammy!

He has been the D. H. (The Designated Hitter) both last year and this.  As the season began you could tell when he stepped up to the batter’s box that his nerves got the best of him. He was already in a slump after only a couple of innings played.  But now three weeks into the season (and still not playing our conference games yet!)  he is starting to hit his groove.  He is hitting the ball squarely. And each time he whacks one–the other teams take note. Then they try to walk him at subsequent at bats.  I know that even though he doesn’t like for us to speak out at the games. (He is embarrassed at that), he is counting on me cheering him and the players onward and upward! 

The parents and friends really do come out to cheer everyone on.  It is definitely a little community that I am thankful to be a part of.  So go Normans, Go Ben. I look forward to the rest of the season. Even if I am just a baseball mom!