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Listen with the Right Ears

A great story adapted from   as told in “Bits a& Pieces”, Ragan Communications, March2009


A CEO was having a conversation with his 10 year old daughter. He was focused on several things as he listened to her speak. She soon realized that she didn’t have her father’s complete attention. ” NO , Dad,” She reproached,” “I want you to listen with girl ears.”

In today’s fast paced world, multitasking has become the norm. We read our e-mails while listening to our voicemails, talk on our cellphones while paying for the groceries, write a report while watching our kids’ soccer game.

We believe that we’re making the most efficient use of our time. But how much information do we fail to process when we’re not fully engaged in any one activity? If we’re too bus to give our undivided attention to a loved one, neighbor or colleague, are we too busy to care?