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Mexican Tupperware

Jerusalem is a mix of the most amazing people.  Here you meet folks from all over the world.  It is truly a crossroads of the world.  But my dinner in the Old City might have captured it all.  Wanting to celebrate my good friend’s birthday, my dear friend Russell (thank you so much for schlepping  to Jerusalem) met us and arranged to take us to an amazing restaurant in the Old City of Jerusalem  behind th iconic walls. Through the Jaffa Gate we trekked a couple of blocks thru the Armenian Quarter to a wonderful restaurant I would have never found on my own.   Bulghourji has a wonderful outside Garden and the food is amazing. 

We met the owner Naro who is the former bodyguard of the Patriarch of the Armenian Church in Israel!  A big handsome man who is gentle and was very kind to us and such an amazing host. He really took care of us and made sure that it was a celebratory evening.

As we finished our wonderful meal of many meze salads and mixed grill and amazing desserts (complete with birthday sparkler for Lucy- Happy Special birthday!) the staff was preparing to greet a party of 250!  We left only to run into this group as they were making their winding way down the street to hurry to have their own wonderful meal in the same restaurant. 
But this group was from Mexico.  Spanish filled the streets of the Armenian Quarter and they streamed out of David’s Citadel from the light and sound show.  It seems they would never stop coming!  Person after person following the various Spanish-speaking guides.   This wasn’t your typical group of Christian pilgrims or former nuns and priests or scholars on leave.  This group  was made up of all prize winners. 

These were the best salespeople Tupperware had throughout Mexico. Yes, these 250 people were the outstanding sales people who pushed plastic  covered containers and pitchers for all of Mexico!  I guess they sell Tupperware everywhere!

And in Jerusalem 250 Mexican top sales men and women enjoyed the most fantastic Armenian meal in the Old City of Jerusalem.   Indeed the crossroads of the world.