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Mom’s Day

A teacher showed her preschool students a display of magnets and explained their uses. Considering the lesson plan a success, the teacher quizzed the class: “Who can guess what I am? My name starts with an M and I pick up things.” 

The children shouted: “Mommy!”  (adapted from Random House Book of Jokes and Anecdotes, Joe Claro Editor)

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I hope you are planning something very special for your Mom. Or if you are a mom that you get to spend it with your kid(s).  My mom died several years ago.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. The truth is that she had dementia for many years prior to her death and I also lived on the opposite coast as her. So I didn’t get to spend much time at the end of her life with her. My memories are of a time when I was much younger and particularly when I was a teenager. It was my mom and me against the world.

It is not that my dad wasn’t important. I was very close with him and we had a very special bond.  But he was a traveling salesman when I was a teen.  He was on the road five days a week and then because times were hard-worked a second job on the weekends. He worked, and slept.  He was a kind and gentle man and devoted to our family. But circumstances demanded that he was absent a lot. 

So my mom and I were thrown together all week-long.  She at work and I at school but during the week we were the team.  As I got older and started to drive I also took my mom to work and picked her up because she didn’t drive.  So I was her life-line with the outside world in many ways. 

It was those years that shaped me.  And our very close relationship was treasured-even then.  I knew how special it was.  Since my mom was a few years older than most of my friends’ moms she also related to me and my friends in an easier manner.   I valued her advice and her life wisdom and in truth I still do! 

So I dedicate today’s blog to my Mom.  I know you are looking down and smiling. I only hope I can be half of the good mom that you were!

You are with me on Mother’s Day and every day.   I miss you and I love you.