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More than half way

We are more than half way through the period of counting the Omer. Today is the 39th day of counting.   Shavuot looms starting Tuesday evening, May 18.  Eleven more days until we stand at Sinai wants again to receive the covenant.  

During the omer period since Passover there are mystic traditions that invoke the sephirot-the divine aspects.  The seven lower sephirot- these aspects are combined in unique ways during this special period to bring a unique quality to the day.  The seven lower aspects are Chesed (kindness-love), Gevurah (strength and judgement), Tiferet (beauty and balance and spirituality), Netzach (perpetually and victory), Hod (Majesty and splendor), Yesod (foundation) and Malchut (kingdom). 

Each day of the week is dedicated to one of these and each week is dedicated to one of these aspects as well. So  on the first day you have Chesed in Chesed and the second day Gevurah in Chesed and so on.   On the 49th day we acknowledge Malchut in Malchut (Kingship in Kingship). When we reach the 50th day which is Shavuot when we add the top three additional sephirot- Keter (crown), Chomah (wisdom) and Bina (understanding). 

According to the mystics these divine aspects must be dedicated and present because we are during this seven week period from Passover to Shavuot rebuilding the Divine Light that shined forth at Passover and not again until the giving of the Ten Commandments on Shavuot. Thus we repair ourselves during this time and we repair the universe through these aspects of God.

On this 39th day of the omer which is dedicated to  Netzach in Yesod. Today is dedicated to taking the initiative to strengthen the foundation of the Holy and applying oneself to the task.

So on this 39th day–strengthen yourself and strengthen the Holy One of Blessing and strengthen the world and apply yourself wholeheartedly to this ideal and task.