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Moving On to the Seder

As we get ready for Passover there is so much to do.  In addition to polishing the silver and pressing the table cloths this is also a good time to review the Seder and think about how you want to personalize your Passover story telling.  There are so many Haggadot on the market but a seder is best when you add your own family story to the mix!  After “Chayav adam lirot et atzmo ki’eily hu yatzah miMitzrayim”  In every generation a person is supposed to imagine that he or she went forth from Egypt!

So what are some of the things you do to personalize and “brand” your seder?

In years past I have asked seder -goers to bring a special ritual heirloom to share its heritage.  Or I have asked individuals to prepare different sections of the seder which required them doing some research and (Shock) Jewish learning.

One great resource for preparing for your Seder is

This is an open source site that has lots of material on the parts of the Seder that will enrich your experience of Pesach.   You can upload things and share with the community and you can create a haggadah!

So even as you are preparing your kitchen and removing the chametz and even as you are preparing the recipes, take a minute to prepare the most important part of the Holiday–the Seder experience!