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Noam Katz Rocks!

This year I have been so privileged to work side by side with musician and Rabbi to be–Noam Katz.  Once a month he has spent a Shabbat at Kol Ami bringing a new and more contemporary Jewish musical mode to our worship.  He has a great spiritual presence that helps transform our words into true prayers.

His music is playful, rhythmic and he has been influenced clearly by his work with the Abayudaya tribe in Uganda. Noam’s spent some interesting time there. This is an African tribe that converted to Judaism in the 1920’s.  One of the tribe’s leaders only a couple of years ago-finished rabbinic school at the Ziegler School of Rabbinics at the American Jewish University here in Los Angeles- Rabbi Gershom Sizomu.  He too recently spoke at our Congregation, Kol Ami.

Noam will be with Kol Ami tonight– February 12 and then March 12 and April 9 leading worship with me.  Each time we are together–we sing, pray and meditate together. We invite the congregation to sing and Noam has brought lots of rhythm instruments for everyone to add their unique beat to services!

So if you are free tonight at 8 pm.  Make your way over to Kol Ami for a wonderful musical uplifting Sabbath eve.  And if not tonight– then March 12 or April 9.  You will be inspired for days to come.

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