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Obama Rallies Dems while the Storm rages

So President Obama in the midst of a raging winter storm tried this morning to rally his fellow Democrats to his agenda.  He tried to make the case to them to change the political model in Washington.  All this as the Tea Baggers gather for a convention. 

President Obama articulately spoke about why Healthcare Reform must not be abandoned.  The numbers don’t lie.  If we don’t do something to reign in costs, to reign in insurance companies, to reign in malpractice lawsuits,  to cover more people, the health care costs and the health of our nation are at stake.  The political will to fight this battle however seems weak.  The Democrats frankly don’t show the courage to try. Now without a 60 Senator majority their will is weakened.  But that is in part their own fault. Their own hubris allowed a defeat in Massachusetts.

 The Republicans just want to protect the interests of Big Business (namely the insurance industry) and are so busy playing chess with the President and the Democrats in advance of the November 2010 midterm elections that they won’t cooperate. 

The nature of Capitol Hill is such is that individual Congress people can hold up legislation over their pet interests.  Just look at Ben Nelson in the Senate with his insisting the no federal funding of abortion services be mandated as part of Healthcare Reform.  And the weak-willed leadership of the Senate caved and sold out women everywhere.

And who suffers. We do. You and I.  Our nation falls farther behind and soon if we don’t address these issues head on and make some changes –our country will no longer be able to be the leader it has been among the nations of the world. 

So President Obama addressed them this morning.  On the snowiest blizzard day.  Yes, the storm is raging.   But let’s not confuse snow and the real storm.  The storm of financial disasters we haven’t imagined yet. 

The time is now to change the system. On the Hill and in our country and yes, in Health care too.