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Olympic Gold or Olympic Cold?

People who know me well know that one of my mottos is “If there is snow-I don’t go.”  I am afraid this Southern girl is allergic to cold weather and in particular to snow.  Instead of Olympic Gold I have an Olympic cold. My son loves the snow. He loves to snowboard and is actually quite good at it. But I have never been interested in winter sports.  Which brings me to the Winter Olympics.  I know everyone is watching and enjoying the views from Vancouver.  The pageantry of the Olympics is always stirring. But for me all that ice and snow just makes me cold!

I deeply appreciate the athleticism of the speed skaters, downhill skiers, hockey players, and ice skaters.  I get dizzy with the twirling and spinning of the skaters and snowboarders. I appreciate the amazing speed of the luge and bobsled.  I admit I don’t really get curling but I bet they have clean houses since they know how to wield a broom!

But watching all that snow and ice leaves me cold.  All I can think about is that pitchers  and catchers reported to Spring Training in Arizona and Florida this week and baseball season is around the corner. 

Last night was the first night I really watched any of the Winter Olympics.  I have caught the highlights on ESPN in the morning at the gym.  But I am not home enough nor do I sit in front of the television enough to watch Shaun White win or Shani Davis skate to a gold.  Okay maybe just maybe I will watch the ice dancing.  That begins tonight (oops it is Shabbat and I will be at Temple -I guess I will record it!).  Then  I too can participate in the joy of the Olympics and not just have to wait another four years for the next Winter Olympics in 2014 to be held at Sochi, Russia! 

Happy Olympics and Good Luck Team USA. Gezunheidt and God Bless you!