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Our Hearts Go Out to Haiti

The pictures are devastating. The 7.0 earthquake in Haiti was a 35 second long terror that will have permanent ramifications for that island nation for decades to come.  Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti and their families around the world that can only watch and pray for order out of chaos and assistance and help.   It is hard to even get plane flights in as the control tower at the airport fell down in the earthquake.   Let alone the presidential palace that appears to the left of this.  There are 1000’s dead and even more injured and homeless. 

I don’t know anyone in Haiti.  I have never been there. But my mother used to work for a company in the late 60’s and early 70’s that imported beautiful carved wooden bowls from Haiti.  I still have one of them that I use when I entertain.

But the people of Haiti are going to need so much help. It was already a severely impoverished place. And now in our own backyard of the Caribbean it is hard to imagine that it can be this bad.

American Jewish World Service is already collecting for disaster relief.  Let’s all help as fast as we can.