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Passover is almost Here

Passover is almost here. It is time to prepare family food favorites, get the Haggadot ready and of course clean out the chametz from our homes and our souls!

I am pleased to share with you the Passover supplement that I co-wrote with my friend and teacher Rabbi Steve Jacobs for the California Democratic Party! Click on the link below for a selection of readings to use at your Passover Seder table! Regardless of your political affiliation-the reading we prepared ring true to the Jewish heart and soul.

Entitled “Passover As A Call to Justice” this supplement highlights the plight of refugees, the environment and other social justice issues that the Torah speaks to. Remember the stranger because you were strangers in the land of Egypt is one of the most important mitzvot in the Torah. And today sadly there are more refugees and asylum seekers than ever. Some are refugees from political situations and war while others are climate refugees fleeing the impact of our changing planet.

And of course the Israelites were refugees as well, fleeing the harsh condition of their servitude in Egypt and longing to be rooted in the Promised Land.

Passover reminds us of that arduous journey from degradation to praise, as the Haggadah says, ganut l’shevach. May your Passover holiday be filled with freedom and liberation for all people and healing for our world. Chag Sameach. Download the Passover Supplement on the link below.