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Pisces Moon

The astrology columns tell me today’s full moon is in Pisces. I have no idea what that really means. I know it’s supposed to have some significance about how the world is reacting or some influence on our attitude and behaviors. As if there are some unique characteristics because the moon appears in a certain place in the heavens.

But all I know is that a full moon can mean only one thing. And that is Rosh Hashanah is only two weeks away! The full moon in the Elul sky should light up for us the task of repair of self and relationships that have been chipped away. It is time to make teshuvah and engage in the act of repentance. It shouldn’t matter what sign of the zodiac that the moon resides in. For the Jewish world this Elul full moon should urge us to engage in that teshuvah process. Don’t wait. Let the moon shine on you and inspire you and light up a path to renewal and the New Year. Shanah Tovah